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chantier de port-louis
construction site of "la Pointe" - coll. part.

With the development of economic activities in 1945, Port-Louis had four shipyards specialized in construction and repair of wooden boats.

  • 3 in Locmalo ; BERNARD, HENRIO, LE CORRE.
  • 1 in La Pointe ; PÉZENNEC
These types of boats were built :
  • "Punts" from 4 to 5 m long for the occasional fisherman
  • "Canottes" of the same size, but used as tenders for the fishing boats or for inshore fishery
  • "Fishing cutters" and "boats with a foresail" from 6 to 8 m long for trolling (mackerel and sardine) fishing.
  • "Tuna boats" they could be more than 20 m long, with up to 6 or 7 people, for tuna fishing from June till October.
  • "Pinnaces" up to 24 m in length, were a specialty of Locmalo construction shipyards, mainly for trawling. According to the time of year and the size of the boat, they could also be used for sardine and tuna.
chantier de locmalo
launching at Locmalo - coll. part.
This naval construction, prosperous in the fifties required numerous and qualified workers: caulkers, marine carpenters, blacksmiths, mechanics, etc…
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