vue du port de la Pointe, photo A.Lanoé

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The history of Port-Louis has always depended on its exceptional situation : a natural harbour between the river Blavet in the West, and the river of Etel in the East. The peninsula of Port-Louis is constituted by a granitic spur which makes its access difficult and requires a good knowledge of the tide streams and the rocky shores.

This is justified by an old saying : " He who enters here is a fool "

click here to enlarge On a map Port-Louis appears as a narrow channel, giving access to a vast stretch of water, sheltered from prevailing winds by the island of Groix and the peninsula of Gâvres. Deep water chan-nels follow the estuaries of the two Scorff and Blavet rivers.

In this part of the country where the rivers are so short, the Blavet can be perceived as an important communication route from land to sea.

Port-Louis, between Nantes and Brest, is the only harbour accessible to all tonnage ships, in all weathers, with a good map of the sea bed !

Port-Louis has benefited from :

  • an excellent strategic situation
  • the military vocation of a fortified city

People have been living there since prehistoric times.

Numerous vestiges are evidence of this settlement.

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