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People go past, places remain…
Heritage is often converted even ruined, but photography attests.

hopital marine hier hopital aujourd'hui

This Napoleonic portal is nowadays rather isolated : the principal building of the Navy Hospital has been pulled down. Only the building on the right hand is still facing ages.

le port vu du clocher le port aujourd'hui

If the surroundings have changed a lot (the port for sailing-boats, the modern fishing techniques, the industrialization of maritime exchanges) the city has remained the same with its houses and gardens nearly identical with those at the beginning of the century.

grand hotel grand hotel aujourd'hui

Rue de la Brèche : the "Hotel de la Plage" was pulled down in 1944. Now a football-field and private houses, well hidden behind their hedges, have taken its place.

last modification : 05 27 2005