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Breton times

( From the Vth century on)

Relations between Armorica and the isle of Britain (Great Britain) had always been frequent even under the Roman rule. Tacit said of the Britons (of Great Britain) that
"Neighbours of the Gauls, they are also their fellow men"

During the Vth and VIth centuries the Briton emigration towards Armorica was massive. Driven from Britain by raids of Picts and Scots in the north, and then by the Saxon invasion from Eastern countries, the Britons naturally emigrated to the West of Armorica. They moved with their clans and reconstructed their community group, and that went on easily because the Roman Empire was falling apart and they were strengthening a culturally very close people. The clan leaders, often religious leaders as well, have left traces of their passage in toponymy, such as saint Peran and saint Malo.

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