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The epic of the battleship Jean Bart

The Epic of the Battleship Jean Bart

If one asked the Port-Louisiens who is this Admiral Ronarc'h who gave his name to a street in the Kerzo district, many would undoubtedly answer that they do not know. Some would evoke the admiral who commanded the Fusiliers Marins on the "Dixmude" in 1914. But very few would give the correct answer, namely: Pierre Jean Ronarc'h, his nephew, first commander of the battleship "Jean Bart" and, as such, organizer and animator of the escape of the ship from Saint-Nazaire in…

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Duke of Mercoeur

He comes from the second branch of Lorraine-Vaudemont, ducal family of Lorraine and therefore related to the Guise. He married, in 1579, Marie of Luxembourg, Duchess of Penthièvre, heir to this Breton Duchy, which gave him, among other things, a justification for being appointed Governor of Brittany in 1582, by his brother-in-law, the King of France Henri III. The latter had indeed married Mercœur's sister, Louise de Vaudémont. Having become head of the League after the assassination of the Duke of Guise…

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Julien Crozet

In 1727, a merchant supplying the armies, Joseph Crozet, originally from Dauphiné, settled in Port-Louis. For several years, the Compagnie des Indes had left this city for Lorient, dealing a severe blow to its trade. But Port-Louis remained the city of the aristocracy and the army and was oriented more and more towards the sardine trade. On February 4, 1728, Joseph Crozet married a Port-Louisienne, Marie Relo , and the couple soon found themselves at the head of a family of…

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